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An opt in content locker WordPress Plugin

Easiest way to grow your subscribers organically by locking specific content in your site!!

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Two Locker Modes - Soft and Hard Lock

Either show the content as blurred or hide the content completely, choice is simply yours!!

Two Email verification methods available - Link or Unlock Code

You can enable either link verification or unlock code verification which will unlock the content instantly.

More Features

Email Configurations

You can customize the email being sent to users directly from backend

Backend Form Preview

Check how the form looks before implementing it on your site directly from backend

Enable/disable form components

If you want to enable or disable some form components, then you can!

Subscribers CSV Export

If you want to export your subscribers then its just few click away

Developer Documentation Available

If you are a developer and want to extend any functionality to the plugin then you can with available filters and actions

Ajax Form Submission

All our forms are ajax driven so submissions are real quick and page won't get reloaded with each form submission

All device friendly and brower Compatibility

Our forms do work on all devices and all browsers

Translation Ready

In case you want to translate our plugin into your language then you can !